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The mission of St. Gregory’s School is to advance the educational ministry of the Catholic Church through Christian faith formation, service to the community and world, and a strong tradition of academic excellence provided in a safe and cohesive educational environment.

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3rd Grade Weekly Update – February 19, 2018

Parents, Lent has started.  It is a time of sacrifice..  The students have all made a commitment to sacrifice something.  They wrote theses sacrifices down on paper and taped them to their desks.  Hopefully by seeing these reminders the students will remember their sacrifices and Jesus’ as well. This week the students worked on soft…

What’s New in the BIG K!

Dear Parents, This weeks Olympic events included curling, down hill skiing, luge, and skeleton! Please enjoy the pictures! A big thank you for all of the beautiful Valentine boxes! We loved telling all of our friends about the way we created each of our boxes and who helped us! A big THANK YOU to Mrs….

First Grade Flash February 15, 2018

Dear Parents, The students are doing an amazing job performing their experiments to the class. The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were er/ir/ur word families, cause/effect, er/est, dictionary skills, nonfiction, captions, high-frequency words and comprehension questions I would like for the students to read “Be Curious”, “Meet Ben Franklin” and “A Close Look”…

6th Grade Happenings 02/13/2018

Happy Fat Tuesday!  I hope you all are having a great day.  If you need some treats to get through the day, I am guessing your child came home with a few 🙂  They had a blast at their Valentine’s Party this afternoon—they played some great games, ate some great food, and just enjoyed some…

Sailing Through Second 2/13/18

We will have a very busy but short week this week in second grade. We had a valentines party today which the children really enjoyed. I want to extend a special thank you to the parents who helped organize it. I know the kids had a ball. We also have Ash Wednesday tomorrow. This will…