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The mission of St. Gregory’s School is to advance the educational ministry of the Catholic Church through Christian faith formation, service to the community and world, and a strong tradition of academic excellence provided in a safe and cohesive educational environment.

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First Grade Flash April 27, 2017

Dear Parents,   The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were prefixes re/un, compare/contrast, air, are, ear, dictionary skills, internet skills, Nonfiction, high-frequency words and comprehension questions.   I would like the first graders to bring a picture of their moms for the wall in the hall.  They are due on Tuesday, May 2nd….

2nd grade update

Boy oh boy have be been busy in second grade! In the last four days we have had grandparents day, first communion and a field trip. So now we can relax right? Unfortunately no we are still busy. We are working on division in math. We are finishing up our plant unit in science. In…

What’s new in the BIG K!

Dear Parents, What wonderful memories everyone made on Friday! It was so nice to meet everyone’s grandparent or special friend! The children had a wonderful time showing off the classroom, giving tours and just spending time with grandparents! Thank you to everyone who helped to make the day so memorable! I know lots of extra…

3rd Grade Weekly Update – April 21, 2017

Parents, It sounds  like the third graders had a fantastic time on Wednesday and Thursday with Mrs. Starke.  They made gifts for their grandparents/special friends, had their division party, and learned about cultures from around the world!  Of course we ended the week with another amazing Grandparents and Special Friends Mass and lunch. Please let…

4th Grade Attends School of Economics

We attend the School of Economics in Kansas City this week with 5th and 6th grades. Students were able to apply many of the terms we had learned in class: profit, loss, goods, services, consumer, producers, entrepreneurs, and opportunity cost. Many students had positive things to say about the day. “It was the best field…