Sixth Grade

Rhonda Ackley

Welcome to 6th grade!

Welcome to 6th grade!  We spend time focusing on the blessings God has provided us as we reconnect with the early people of the Bible.  We dig deeper in the world of reading and writing and start making connections to the world around us through our studies.  We read a variety realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and science-fiction books, including Wonder, Number the Stars, The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963, and Towers Falling.


We use the Saxon Math series for all of our math classes here at St. Gregory’s.  In addition, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math are all taught using the Flipped Classroom Model.  The students watch a video on each lesson at home to get a first glance at the content, and then they complete the lesson’s problem set in class.  We also spend some time exploring the Ti-83 plus calculator through various graphing activities. Most of the 8th graders complete Algebra I which prepares them for the Advanced Geometry class offered at Maryville High School.

To read more about the flipped classroom, click here:  Flipped Classroom Information

Classroom News

6th Happenings — 11/05

Hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! What a wonderful week we had a last week with Red Ribbon Week, Halloween, and All Saints Day.  Thank you to Lori Tally (along with Grandma Donna) and Rebecca Vierthaler for the Halloween fun.  The students really enjoyed carving pumpkins.  They also went on a fun…

6th Happenings–10/28

Thank you to all of you for coming in last week for conferences.  It was  joy talking to you about your child and how great they are all doing here in school.  I hope you all enjoyed the extra day off. Just a few reminders as we head into a busy Red Ribbon Week. 5th…

6th Grade Happenings–09/20/2018

We are continuing to work hard here in 6th grade. The students are working so hard, and their work ethic is impeccable.  They really use their time wisely and do such a good job keeping track of due dates, test dates, and event dates. Our class will have the Mass roles at next Thursday’s Mass,…