Second Grade

Jamie  Casteel

Welcome to Second Grade!

We will learn many things in second grade. The children will grow a lot this year. In second grade the children are starting to prepare for upper elementary and the challenges that they will face. During this year the students will be receiving two sacraments and I take that responsibility very seriously. Your child’s spiritual development is of the utmost importance. I make sure that your child not only knows their faith but works towards living it. We work on our personal relationship with Christ by visiting the blessed sacrament and doing meditative prayer.

In our classroom, we discuss how to work out problems with others. We work hard to treat everyone the way Jesus would want us too. We also work together to accomplish our learning goals. Cooperative learning is at the heart of our classroom. Learning is something that kids should enjoy so I use many educational games and make sure to take brain breaks to keep our minds and bodies moving.

Classroom News

Sailing Through Second 10/2/17

We have another exciting week in 2nd grade. This week we will be doing our first writing project and craft. We are reading the book Little Shop of Monsters and then writing a paper where we will create our own monsters. We will be putting them on the bulletin board. Feel free to stop by…

Sailing Through Second – 9/18/17

We have been really busy in 2nd grade. We have our first science test tomorrow and our first math test this Thursday. The students have been working really hard to learn all the material. Here is a look at all the things we will be doing this week. Newletter 9/18/17    

Sailing Through Second 9/5/17

On our website I will be publishing our weekly newsletter each week. A hard copy will also be sent home with your child. This will show you what we are going over for the week, as well as, give you an update on what is going on in our classroom. Here is this weeks newsletter:…