Andrea Parman

Welcome to Kindergarten!

In Kindergarten we strive to lay the foundational groundwork for your child’s education to be built upon. We do this through whole, small and individual instruction, in many varied activities. We work hard all year on letters, letter sounds, sight words, and putting them all together to make words.

We love building our vocabulary with our Science and Social Studies, as we begin to discover the world around us! We follow the steps of the scientific method to discover answers to our questions! We enjoy projects and creating things for others. Some highlights of our year include reading buddies and sign language. We participate in several service projects. One of our favorites is our bake sale to raise money for Toys for Tots! However, the most important thing we work on is getting along and working with others. We study the Christ Skills and add to the ground work that parents have begun with their children to develop wonderful citizens in our Christ Community.

Classroom News

Sight Words

Here is a list of sight words that students should know when going into first grade. a am are and can do for go has have he here I is like little look me my play said see she the this to was we what where with you red green blue orange yellow brown black…

Offertory Schedule for Year

This is the offertory schedule for the rest of the year.  It is subject to change in case someone is sick or would miss school on their day.  If it all works out everyone will have one chance to present offertory.  Thanks and check back for revisions. Sabryn 2-20 Peyton 2-27 Jalea 3-6 Brooklyn 3-13 Isaiah 3-20…

Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades Trip to the Hangar

Below you will find pictures from the trip to the Hangar last Friday.  I apologize in advance for any bad pictures.  I was taking pictures in the dark and couldn’t really center and focus the camera in the theater   Then I was rushed because my batteries were dying.  I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway! Mrs….