Andrea Parman

Welcome to Kindergarten!

In Kindergarten we strive to lay the foundational groundwork for your child’s education to be built upon. We do this through whole, small and individual instruction, in many varied activities. We work hard all year on letters, letter sounds, sight words, and putting them all together to make words.

We love building our vocabulary with our Science and Social Studies, as we begin to discover the world around us! We follow the steps of the scientific method to discover answers to our questions! We enjoy projects and creating things for others. Some highlights of our year include reading buddies and sign language. We participate in several service projects. One of our favorites is our bake sale to raise money for Toys for Tots! However, the most important thing we work on is getting along and working with others. We study the Christ Skills and add to the ground work that parents have begun with their children to develop wonderful citizens in our Christ Community.

Classroom News

What’s new in the BIG K!

Dear Parents, Thank you for getting in the habit of checking your child’s homework folder and using to send papers to and from school. I have received most picture packets if you want to purchase school pictures please return the completed picture packet as soon as possible. These are only individual school pictures at this…

What’s new in the BIG K!

Dear Parents, Who’s ready for the first FULL week of KINDERGARTEN!!!  This week we will spend lots of time working on establishing routines and learning all about our tools in kindergarten! We had a chance to do this a little on Thursday and Friday as we worked with our scissors and glue bottle tools.  We…

All The Places We Went in Kindergarten!

Oh The Places we WENT in Kindergarten!! With our vivid imaginations and our thirst for knowledge we have had an AMAZING kindergarten year! Just look at our eager first day of school photo (at left) to our end of the year ready for first grade photo (at bottom). Our class has worked so hard and…