Eighth Grade

Rhonda Ackley

Welcome to 8th Grade!

In our final year at St. Gregory’s, we will focus on being good role models and leaders.  This will be a year of transition, as we prepare to become high schoolers next year! We will excel in academics as well as in school, church, and community service.

In our classroom, we will study Language Arts which will include reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. We plan to read a variety of genres, including a mystery, a biography of our own choice, an historical fiction, a realistic fiction, a science fiction, an adventure book, and some short stories.  A couple of the novels we will read are Across Five Aprils and A Christmas Carol. We will also be reading a variety of our own outside reading books throughout the year and keep a reading log.  In Math, we will continue in the Saxon Math series with Algebra I and will explore the TI-84 Plus calculators. We will also continue our study of Religion, our faith, and how God is the center of our lives.

In addition to our academic goals, we will strive to be leaders of good character. We will serve as Falcon Faith Family ambassadors and assistants, continue to be good role models, read and work with our little reading buddies, help serve meals at the Community Center, prepare and present an 8th grade play, and be involved with many other school, church, and community activities.

We believe in Faith, Family, and Friends! This will be an exciting year!



Classroom News

8th grade play – April 28 & 29

The 8th grade play will be performed on Thursday, April 28th at 9am and 7pm as well as Friday, April 29th at 9am.  All performances will be in the school gym. There is no charge for admission, and everyone is invited.

8th Grade Pear Pickin’

We went out on this beautiful day and spent about 40 minutes picking pears at Ted and Lynette Harbin’s home. We were able to pick 384 pounds! They donated them to the food pantry, and we dropped them off today for immediate distribution! I wish I had a recording for you to hear all the…

8th Grade Guest Speaker

We recently completed our social studies unit on the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, the Indian Removal Act, and the Trail of Tears. Thanks to Maryville resident Marla Bursides for visiting our classroom to share Native American artifacts, rituals and traditions. Mrs. Bursides is part of the Ioway Indian tribe, and her mother was full-blooded Ioway.