Eighth Grade

Jeremy Cobb

Welcome to 8th Grade!

Step into the 8th grade classroom and you will discover excitement, energy, and a love for Christ.  My mission is to love each student as Christ would have me do and to teach with passion. My goal is to develop young adults who are God centered, patriotic, and servant minded.  You will discover the 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade studying history, exploring God’s presence in history, and connecting the past to today. At other times, you will observe 8th grade students reading, working on various projects, or developing writing skills.  At anytime, you are welcome to join us in life’s educational journey!

Our 8th grade homeroom time is spent reading, staying apprised of current events, and discovering God in all aspects of life.  Together, we put our hands, heart, and feet to work through service projects such as working at the food pantry and serving lunch at the Senior Center. Also, all year is spent preparing for our transition from middle school to high school.  This includes the academic, spiritual, and social realms of life. Finally, we will spend a few months in the spring preparing for a class play, which will include acting, designing sets, and choosing costumes. This tradition is a fun and exciting way to end the year and bring their time together at St. Gregory’s to a close.


Classroom News

Stuff the Truck Food Drive

We had a great afternoon volunteering for the food pantry. Here are a few snapshots of some of the 7th and 8th graders. And yes, Kenzie, Laney and Jordan all had on matching skirts to dress up for their volleyball game tonight! You girls must have similar tastes in fashion!  

8th Grade Pear Pickin’

We went out on this beautiful day and spent about 40 minutes picking pears at Ted and Lynette Harbin’s home. We were able to pick 384 pounds! They donated them to the food pantry, and we dropped them off today for immediate distribution! I wish I had a recording for you to hear all the…

8th Grade Guest Speaker

We recently completed our social studies unit on the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, the Indian Removal Act, and the Trail of Tears. Thanks to Maryville resident Marla Bursides for visiting our classroom to share Native American artifacts, rituals and traditions. Mrs. Bursides is part of the Ioway Indian tribe, and her mother was full-blooded Ioway.