Extra-curricular participation is a privilege for students at St.Gregory School. This privilege is earned by meeting the rules and standards set by St.Gregory School, the Diocese of Kansas City, St. Joseph, and the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA). The primary purpose of St. Gregory School’s Athletic program is to meet the school related interests and needs of students that are not provided for by the curricular program of the school.

St. Gregory School Athletics – Philosophy & MSHAA Statement

The athletic program is an extension of the classroom, and while athletics at the secondary level take on a more competitive nature, Christian values of fairness, honesty, self-discipline, cooperation, effort, dedication, determination, discipline, respect, integrity, dignity, responsibility and leadership are an integral part of the participation of students, coaches, parents/guardians and fans at all levels of play—and when supported with a sound academic foundation we have achieved the ultimate goal of education.

Our programs goal is to supply our young people with as many productive experiences as possible to make each person a better member of society because of his/her exposure to the basic principles taught through athletics. The athletic program is organized so that each student may participate according to his/her interest. There is a place for every student and every student is encouraged to take part in at least one sport.

The bottom line of the athletic program is to supply the student with as many productive experiences as possible and to make each participant a better member of society because of their exposure to the basic values taught through athletics.

Eligibility to Participate

Before a student can participate, this includes practice, they must have completed the following and have them on file in the office:

  1. Current physical examination form
  2. Signed participation agreement
  3. Signed Parent’s or Guardian’s Permission form
  4. Signed Athletic Insurance coverage (school or personal insurance)

If a student has not completed the above requirements, they must be in attendance (observing only) to avoid an unexcused absence. Three days of only observing will equal one unexcused absence.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Students must be academically eligible and display sportsmanlike behavior
  2. Students must not have exceeded the limit of three unexcused absences.
  3. Student is not presently under suspension from school