All families, preschool through eighth grade must sign up with the third party tuition management.

K-8 Tuition per year
for registered parishioners
1 child: $2,619 1 child: $3,750
2 children: $4,019 Each additional child: $2,812
3 children: $5,982
4 children: $7,945
Preschool Tuition (3, 4, and 5 year olds)
Everyday, Monday – Friday: $375 / month
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: $285 / month
Tuesday and Thursday: $231 / month

Standard Payment Schedule

  • Upon enrolling a child (ren) at St. Gregory’s School, each family will be required to sign a tuition payment agreement indicating their intent to make payments on a 10 month schedule for the following year. The agreement must be approved when enrollment forms are filed, no later than August 1st.
  • Tuition is based on the number of children a family has enrolled at St. Gregory’s School and the family’s status as registered parishioners of St. Gregory Barbarigo Church. Tuition fees include: tuition, bus, PTO dues, milk for kindergarteners, technology, and band. The fee schedule is listed in the school handbook.
  • Tuition payments are due according to the tuition payment schedule the family has selected through the third party tuition management company.  The entire year’s balance must be paid by June 30th.
  • If a family is unable to adhere to the established payment plan and fails to make payments for a period of one month, they shall receive a written notice. The family will be required to meet with the school principal to review its tuition agreement and establish an alternative payment plan if necessary.

Establish Alternative Payment Plan with Principal

  • The family will meet with the principal within two weeks of receiving the written notice and discuss payment options and any extenuating circumstances.
  • Should a family fail to respond to the written notice within the two week period, the matter will be turned over to the tuition committee for review.
  • If a payment is not received within 10 days of meeting with the principal, the family will be required to meet with the tuition committee.
  • If at any time a family on an alternative payment plan is delinquent by a period of one month, they will be required to meet with the tuition committee.

Tuition Committee

  • The tuition committee will consist of the principal, the pastor, and the parish business manager.
  • The tuition committee will offer assistance, guidance, and follow up recommendations on any issues regarding tuition payments.
  • The tuition committee will act as the executor of the Scholarship Assistance Fund.
  • The tuition committee may meet with families requesting funds.
  • At no time will all funds in the Scholarship Assistance account be used towards one family. Partial funds will be kept in reserve for unexpected tuition requests. This reserve will also be used at the discretion of the tuition committee for tuition expenses.

In the event there is no response to all of the above procedures and no effort has been made to remedy the delinquent account, the student(s) in question may be removed from the enrollment roster for St. Gregory’s School until such account is paid in full. If an account is delinquent, the family will not be allowed to enroll children for the next school year until the account is paid in full or other financial arrangements have been made with the principal and / or tuition committee.


A collection agency will be contacted to collect all moneys on delinquent school accounts after all of the above methods have failed.