Tuition Assistance

St. Gregory School and Parish offers an assistance program for tuition for K-8th grade students. The Scholarship Assistance Program is considered a loan program for families experiencing financial difficulty. Whenever families can afford to, they should contribute to the Scholarship Assistance fund to help pay back the assistance they received.

Families are still responsible for bus, PTO dues, lunch, milk, technology and band fees.

Third Party Assistance

Smart Aid  is the third party assisting St. Gregory School in allocating funds for tuition assistance based on the financial needs of each family.


Every child in our parish has a right to a Catholic education. If you need tuition assistance, please go online to complete the application and submit the required documents. Your cost is $15 paid at the time you complete the application.

The online application may be accessed through

  1. Please click New Parent Registration to create a username and password.
  2. Enter the school ID number (10808) when prompted to begin the application.
  3. For assistance with filling out the application you may contact Smart Tuition Aide Analysis at 1-800-360-8027 or e-mail

Once your application is processed, a tuition aid recommendation will be sent back to St. Gregory School. All final tuition aid decisions including notification of an award amount will be made by the St. Gregory Financial Aid Committee consisting of the pastor, principal and business manager.

The deadline for requesting tuition assistance is in May each year. If special circumstances arise after the deadline, please contact the principal.