Dear Parents and Students,

The following pages contain guidelines and directives for students enrolled in St. Gregory Barbarigo School.

As stated in our philosophy, we believe in the value of a quality education. We believe in the value of a Catholic education. We believe that educating and guiding young people is the shared responsibility of the parents, school, church and community. With this in mind, we’ve established these guidelines for their benefit as well as for their growth. These guidelines will let you know what is expected of the students while they are in attendance at St. Gregory School.

When students behave appropriately, we can maintain the proper atmosphere conducive to learning. When we work cooperatively with one another to recognize and try to answer the needs of the students, our goals can be accomplished, and our philosophy becomes a reality.

We are looking forward to having a great year! Thank you for being an important part of our St. Gregory family.

Sincerely in Christ,

Susan Martin, Principal

2018-19 Handbook