Boards / Councils

School Advisory

St. Gregory’s School Advisory is a consultative body to the pastor of the parish and the principal of the school. The School Advisory Council advises the pastor and principal on matters such as: planning, policy formulation, finances (including the development, approval and monitoring of a budget), development (including public relations and marketing), and annual evaluation of school goals and plans. The School Advisory Council consists of seven to nine members who serve a three-year term.  The pastor and principal are non-voting members. Meetings are held monthly on the third Tuesday.  If needed, elections for new advisory members will be held each spring  before the June meeting.  Applications for the St. Gregory School Advisory Council are available in the school office.

2018-19  School Advisory

  • Traci Snyders, President
  • Erin Allen, Vice President
  • Brett Chloupek, Secretary
  • Jacqui Conn
  • Nathan Powell
  • Rachael Stanley
  • Becky Jaster
  • Tricia Knowles

Local Parent / Teacher Organization (PTO)

The St. Gregory Barbarigo PTO is made up of the parents of students of the school and the faculty/staff. Its purpose is two-fold. As a moneymaking organization, the PTO sponsors projects throughout the year to help provide equipment, supplies, library books, study trips, and other enrichment activities within the school. The second purpose of the PTO is to provide a liaison between the faculty and the parents of the St. Gregory Barbarigo School in order to develop and strengthen the communication between school and the home. All parents are encouraged to attend the general meetings and participate as volunteers. PTO officers are elected each April. Executive meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month.

2018-19 PTO Board

  • Jenni Jordan, President
  • Sarah Kurz, Vice President
  • Shelly Stiens, Secretary
  • Beverly Dunn, Treasurer
  • Kelley Baldwin, Publicity
  • Margaret Branner, Volunteer
  • Tabitha Frank, Miraya Barmann, Erin Kinderknecht   Members at Large