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What’s new in the BIG K!

Dear Parents,


This week will be a short fast week! We will only have school for 3 days. During that time we will finish up some Dr. Seuss activities that we did not have time for, spend time reviewing our sight words, and word family words. We will also try to get started with an investigation of living or non-living. We might wait and start fresh when we get back from the 4 day week. It will depend on how the kids are adjusting to the time change, and how many students might be home sick.  We have had quite a bit of illness in our room so hopefully everyone is all healthy and ready for some fun fast days! 

This week we spent time reading Dr. Seuss books, having a rhyming hat race, and building and creating all of the many places we will go when we are older. Which is why we ran out of time and didn’t quite make it to some other activities.  The kids really enjoyed building and creating new and exciting places as well as imagining what some real places are like that they have not yet traveled to.

Sight words: Review

Word family: Review

Offertory Role: 3-11 Hensley 3-18 Austin 3-25 Dinah

Show and Tell: No show and tell 

Snack Schedule:

M- Ryan   T- Racen     W- Thatcher Th- No School    F- No School