First Grade Flash February 27, 2020

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

Wow! What an amazing week! The first graders are striving to do their personal best in class each day.

The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were the bossy r (ar), inference chart, verbs with ing/ed, biographies, bold print text, high frequency words and comprehension questions.

Please have your children read “Warm and Cold Days”, “Stormy Weather” and “Dangerous Storm” to prepare for Reading class on Monday.

Please review the Hail Mary and the Glory Be with your children. I will finish up assessing the students next week. Also, I will be assessing the first graders to identify the coins, dollar bill and to name the amount of each item.

I would like for the students to bring a fact about an inventor tomorrow for “Share and Tell”.

Friday, April 24th is Grandparents Day. First Grade Day will be in April. I will let you know the date next week.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Have an awesome weekend!

Sue Seipel