First Grade Flash February 20, 2020

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

The students are doing an amazing job performing their experiments to the class. The first graders are having great discussions regarding the experiments after they are performed by the science teacher.

The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were er/ir/ur words cause/effect, inflectional endings er/est, dictionary skills, nonfiction stories, high frequency words and comprehension questions.

I would like for the students to read “Be Curious”, “Meet Ben Franklin” and “A Close Look” this weekend to prepare for Reading class on Monday. Please discuss the comprehension questions with your children.

The first graders need to bring a fact about Abraham Lincoln or George Washington for “Share and Tell” Friday.

I would like for the students to continue to bring 8 or 10 books per week to read during their free time.

I am so proud of how hard the first graders are working in the classroom on their daily assignments. They are so much fun to teach.

I would like for the students to count pennies, nickels and dimes at home. Please have them name the coins and how much each coin is worth.

Please have your children bring their prayer journals on Wednesday, February 26th.

The first graders and I would like to thank Lesley Weichinger, Christy Tapps and Malinda Tobin for planning our fabulous Valentine’s Day party. We would like to thank Jennifer Roderick and Kelli Bostwick for helping at our party.

Have a great weekend.

Sue Seipel