Categories: Sixth Grade

Thoughts from Mr. Cobb: I am blessed every day that I walk into the classroom. My student’s, your sons and daughters, are gifted by God with many talents (art, writing, music, teaching, etc…) and it is neat watching them discover themselves and grow in Christ. Since the beginning of the semester, some amazing things we have done include: starting the 6th grade DARE program, Catholic Schools Week (CSW) dress up days (crazy sock was my favorite), CSW service project (we sent thank you cards to Antino Moore, an Army Soldier who died while serving in Syria this past January), Flat Bishop, and Valentine’s Day (THANKS SARAH KURZ). Academically, we continue to learn grammar, spelling, and now we are studying Ancient Greece. The students have learned about many Greek influences that still impact us today. The year is going by fast, but I am enjoying every moment. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.