First Grade Flash February 6, 2020

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

The first graders and I were excited to have had a visitor in our classroom. Ryan Tobin brought “Grounie the Groundhog!”

We have had a great week together. The students have presented beautiful birdfeeders which they created at home.

The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were ie/igh/y that sounds like a long i, plot chart, visualizing, vocabulary/clues, fables, verbs with ing/ed, high-frequency words and comprehension questions.

The students’ Valentine boxes are due on Wednesday, February 12th. The first graders’ book orders are due on Friday, February 14th. You may go online to make your purchases.

Please have your children read “A School of Fish”, “Animal Teams” and “Where?” this weekend!

We would like to thank Christy Tapps and for sharing her time to eat lunch with the first graders. I enjoyed our special luncheon with the teachers. Your time and talents were greatly appreciated!

May you have a wonderful weekend.

Sue Seipel