First Grade Flash January 30, 2020

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

It has been an awesome week! The students are doing a great job persevering in the classroom.

The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were the long o/oe/oa/ow, retelling the story, 2 part words, telephone directory, high-frequency words and comprehension questions.

The students’ performance task, “The Birdfeeder Take Home STEM Challenge” is due tomorrow. The students will be presenting their performance tasks to the class.

I will be sending home an experiment performance task information sheet next week. I will be assigning 2 students to perform his or her experiment to the class each week. I will send the information a week before your child will be playing the role of the scientist.

I would like for the first graders to read, “See the Ball Fly”, “The Kite” and “The Wright Brothers” this weekend.

Please have your child bring a related to a famous American for “Share and Tell” tomorrow.

The students’ Valentine boxes are due Wednesday, February 12th.

Please review the Hail Mary and the Glory Be with your children. I will be assessing the students next week. Also, I will be assessing the first graders to identify the coins, dollar bill and to name the amount of each item.

Have an awesome weekend!

Sue Seipel