First Grade Flash January 16, 2020

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

The first graders are doing amazing! They are working so hard in all areas across the curriculum!

The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were long e/ee/ea/ie, character/setting, compound words, realistic fiction, numerical lists, high-frequency words and comprehension questions.

The students “Birdfeeder” STEM project is due January 31st.

I would like for the first graders to choose a main idea and write supporting details about their main idea when writing their stories for homework on Tuesday night. The students need to use at least 3 different spelling words in their stories.

Our all school Mass for Catholic Schools Week will be on Sunday, January 26th at 10:30 a.m. We will also being having our Chris Cakes Professional Development Fundraiser before and after Mass.

Please have your children read “Picking Peaches”, “Cesar Chavez” and “Food Trains” this weekend to prepare for Reading class.

Please have your children bring 10 books each week! It is amazing how your children are reading on a daily basis in class.

I would like for the students to bring an item that is a solid, liquid or gas for “Share and Tell” tomorrow.

I am sending home the Flat Bishop Johnston your children colored in class. Please refer to the letter regarding when to email your family picture with Flat Bishop Johnston to the diocese.

Thank you for your help and support. It is greatly appreciated!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Go Chiefs!

Sue Seipel