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Dear Parents,

Happy first week back! We had a wonderful time getting back together with all of our friends and getting back into the swing of Kindergarten! As we start the second half of our school year homework is now required. Please help your child make completing homework a successful habit. We will start with homework this coming week.

Just a few housekeeping reminders chapstick is allowed for your child to keep at school in their tool box. Please have a conversation about what it means for your child to keep and only use their chapstick for their lip protection and not to share, eat, or use in other places other than their lips. Also we have plenty of germ-x in our classroom please do not send germ-x with your child. We want to encourage healthy hand washing habits by using the sink also in our classroom. Often times germ-x becomes a toy and not the tool it is meant to be. During snow and cold weather we are not allowed to play in the snow at recess unless we notify you as parents first. Please do not worry about sending snow boots, pants, change of clothes ect. We will stay in the gym or if the weather is warm enough and the snow has been cleared from the basketball court and rock area we will play there.

Sight words: to, come, for
Word family: -ap (sap, gap, map, cap, tap, nap

Offertory Role: 1-15-Kamryn 1-22-Piper 1-29-Ainslee

Show and Tell: A favorite way to move! (skates, bike, sled, dirt bike, four wheeler, run, walking the dog, ect)

Snack Schedule:
M- Dinah T- Grace W- Ainslee Th- Jack F- Austin P.