First Grade Flash January 9, 2020

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

The first graders are having a wonderful week! They are working hard in all areas of the curriculum.

The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were the word families with ai/ale/ay, prediction chart, adjectives with er/est, multiple-meaning words, high-frequency words and comprehension questions.

The students will be doing a “STEM January Birdfeeder Challenge Home Activity”. It will be due on Friday, January 31st. I will send home the activity paper today with your children.

The first graders will be performing experiments in February. I will assign 2 students per week. I will send home the guidelines a week before each student will present his or her experiment.

Please have your children read “When Jean Comes Home”, “Gram and Me” and “Chinese New Year” this weekend so they are prepared for Reading class. I also would like the students to read their stories on Monday evenings.

I would like for each student to bring 7 or 8 books each week to read during “Drop Everything and Read”.

Please have your children wear their FFF shirts tomorrow. We will be going to Mass.

The first graders are excited to make their valentine boxes for their party. The boxes are due on Wednesday, February 12th.

I would like for the students to bring something they received for Christmas for “Share and Tell” tomorrow.

May you have a wonderful weekend!

Sue Seipel