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Dear Parents,

Please be mindful that we are going to have a quick two days this week.  Monday we will be making a special Thanksgiving gift for our families as we are so very Thankful for the blessing of family!! We will also have a presentation about Native Americans.  Tuesday we will have FFF Mass and then participate in FFF activities the rest of the morning. In the afternoon we will spend it back with our class tiding, and organizing the room. We do have a full day of school on Tuesday but will then be on Thanksgiving break and school will resume on Monday, December 2nd. 

Please do NOT send blankets to school for Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th. We will not need them.  

As the holiday season ramps up please make a note that we will have a Kindergarten Bake sale on December 10th, 12th, and 13th.  We will send more information later but each family will be asked to provide a baked item for this service project. All proceeds are donated to Toys for Tots. 

As some of our students are in need of Chap stick please be aware that it is fine to send to school.  We will ask that it is kept in your child’s tool box (supply box). As with anything chap stick is a tool to keep our lips healthy and not cracked.  Please have a discussion with your child how it is their chap stick and NOT to be shared with anyone. If it is used in any way inappropriately we will send it home and it may not return.  Mrs. Klass has Vaseline that she will apply as needed. 

Sight words: review days

Word family review days

Offertory Role:   11-26 Frank and Anna (FFF) 12-4 Brielle 12-11 Racen

Show and Tell: No Show and tell. 

  Snack Schedule: December Snack schedule came home on Bright green paper.  If we have a snow day we will just skip your snack day and continue with the next regular scheduled person. Thank you

M- Stella   T- Molly  W- No School      Th- Happy Thanksgiving!  F- No School

This week we had an AWESOME time playing math fact football!! We also loved being able to go outside for several work times so that we could enjoy the beautiful weather!! We really liked making loving cards for our dads! Hope you enjoyed them dads!! We also worked to come up with Native American names for ourselves as we talk about the First Thanksgiving!