What’s new in the BIG K!

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Dear Parents,

Happy BEAUTIFUL weekend! I hope everyone is out and enjoying this beautiful weather we are blessed with today!! 

This week Father Albert was able to join our classroom to bless and pass out easy reader Bibles paid for by our amazing PTO.  Please enjoy this gift with your child!!

This week we created posters to show what a Good reader looks like. We sent these posters home so you can hang them up and use them as a reference.  As your children are building their reading stamina please make sure they are referencing their posters. We really stress using our pointer finger to say what we are seeing, hear what we are saying and feel what we are hearing and saying. We also encourage to “bubble gum” our letter sounds when we find a word that we are working on.  These words came home on word cards for your child to cut apart and practice reading. These word cards will come home each week with our sight words, and word family words we stretched, played and worked with during the week. Please keep these and build a great word card box for your child to practice all year long. Please save them as they will be a great way to keep skills sharp during summer as you stay ready for first grade.  Never to early to be planning ahead. As our word families and sight words increase we will also be sending home books. Please keep these to practice those reading skills and to build stamina.

Sight words: and, the

Word family -ab

Offertory Roles: 

11-13 Ryan

Show and Tell: Please complete the Thankful Turkey feathers in your child’s folder.

Snack Schedule:

M- Issac   T- Anna W- Dinah     Th- Grace      F- Ainslee