First Grade Flash October 24, 2019

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

Your children strive to do their personal best each day!  We have a lot of fun together!   They are looking so forward to their fall party next week.

The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were digraphs th/sh/ng, compound words, retelling the story, visualizing, high- frequency words and comprehension questions.  Please review words that begin and end with the consonant diagraphs th/sh/ng.  Please review and practice the spelling words on a nightly basis.

The students will be participating in a “Thanksgiving Service Project”.  The first graders will be asked to do a variety of chores at home to earn $5.00 to help purchase a Hy-Vee Scrip card to give to a family for their Thanksgiving meal.

Please have your children read this weekend “Jane Is Late!”, “On My Way to School”, “Signs We See”.  Please discuss the setting, characters and the events that occurred in the story.

The first graders’ instruments are due on Monday, November 4th.

Please turn in the order forms for the book the first graders are writing to be published by studentreasures by Wednesday, November 6th.  Please make sure you sign the bottom of the order form.  Your signature is required in order for the company to publish the book.

I would like for the students to bring something related to Halloween tomorrow for “Share and Tell”.

The first graders will not be attending Mass on Wednesday, October 30th.  They will be going with their FFF on Thursday, October 31st.  Please have your children wear their FFF shirts.  The first graders need to bring their costumes to school.  They will change into their costumes after Mass.


Thank you for all your support and cooperation.


Sue Seipel