First Grade Flash October 17, 2019

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

I am so proud of your children!  They are doing so well in class each day!

The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were the short u, contractions with s, plot chart, problem, solution, concepts of print, high frequency words and comprehension questions.  Please review the high frequency words that are highlighted in yellow with your children in their reading book on a regular basis. 

I would like for the students to bring something related to the fall season for “Share and Tell” tomorrow.

Please review addition facts through 20 with your children. (doubles, adding 0, 1, and 2 with other addends.)  The first graders will be assessed tomorrow.

I would like for the first graders to read “A Show”, “Beth and the Band”, and “Shake a Rattle” this weekend.  The students will need to create an instrument out of recyclables.  Their instruments are due on Monday, November 4th.

Thank you for donating the food for the Stocktoberfest.  We really appreciate your kindness.

Have a wonderful weekend! 



Sue Seipel