What’s new in the BIG K!

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Dear Parents,

This Friday was a BIG day!! Hopefully you were able to tune into Facebook Live as we joined our Falcon Faith Families!!! Each student is bringing home a paper explaining who their Faith Family Ambassador, Assistant and Teacher Leader is. These are students and teachers who we will attend First Friday Mass with as well as when we have All School Mass. Each child is also bringing home their Faith Family t-shirt. There will be many times during the year that your child will be asked to wear their shirt for school events and for study trips. Please make sure that you make a note on your calendar. Our first All school Faith Family Mass will be on Friday, September 13th. We will also have an All School Mass on Sunday, September 15th at 10:30am. All families are invited to attend and children are ask to sit with their new Faith Families.
Also just a reminder that only water is to be in water bottles for the day. Please no juice, lemonade, gatorade or tea.
This week we concluded our discussion and book making of all of our new friends names and we will be starting our reading and math curriculum. We still will not have homework until we are comfortable with completing the in class lessons. Our first big unit is on our 5 senses and how God created our whole body for learning and taking in His big beautiful world. We will also begin show and tell. Show and tell is an opportunity for your child to discuss with you something they would like to bring in to show and tell our class about. Some weeks we will have the kids bring in something that ties in with what we are discussing in class other weeks we will have a free week that the kids can bring in any item they would like. As the parent you and your child need to discuss if the item they are bringing is acceptable for school or not. If you are questioning if it is acceptable, it’s probably not. Also please consider the value of the item. This is a school and accidents often happen so if it is something that is breakable please take a picture and email it to me and I will be happy to post the picture on our Promethean Board so your child can still tell us all about the item. They may only bring an item on their given day as we will have lots of friends who each deserve a fair turn. Please put this as a reminder on your phone so you do not forget your child’s show and tell day it is a big honor to share items with the class.

This week for show and tell please have your child bring in their favorite thing to see as we start with our study of sight.

Please make a note that Mrs. Stiens has lots of reminders of upcoming important dates we will be offering a Protecting God’s Children Class. Her email has sign up details. Something very important is that this Friday we will go to Mass with our Falcon Families. On Sunday we will have our back to school All School Mass please have your child wear their new FFF color shirt to both masses.

Snack Schedule:
M- Tucker’s Birthday! T- Ainslee W- Jack Th- Austin P. F- Austyn Q.