What’s new in the BIG K!

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Dear Parents,

This week we continued to build good habits with our pincer grasp. We had a great class discussion of ideas on how to incorporate our grip and fine motor muscle exercises. We talked about using chalk outdoors, painting outdoors, washing windows, scrubbing the floor, dusting, ect. We also talked a lot about working in the kitchen and helping to make pb and j sandwiches, spreading mayo for ham sandwiches, and using a butter knife to cut those sandwiches and cutting cooked spaghetti noodles. Your children had WONDERFUL ideas please let them share and discuss these with you. And maybe even be open to letting them try a few as long as you are comfortable with it.

We also discussed about how our classroom is our responsibility to care for just as each child is responsible for helping their families take care of their homes we are responsible for cleaning up a mess that we make, and keeping our area (cubbie, tool box, seat) organized, neat and tidy.

THANK YOU for getting your child’s t-shirt size complete as we got to have a popsicle party on Thursday!!

We also got a chance to work with face partners as we practiced talking to others about our Circle of Grace and respecting our personal space God created for each of us.

A Dinosaur game came home Thursday. Please play this with your child as we are reviewing numbers to twenty and counting one to one correspondence. In the picture you will see we used a pencil and a paperclip as the spinner. We then filled in the tens frames to correspond to the number that was spun. We discussed all sorts of items to use as counters so feel free to get creative! And count count count.

This coming week we will finish up our names study. Currently we are working on learning everyone’s names, and finding out fun things that we like together. We are also making each new friend a book that will eventually come home but for now we are enjoying reading them in class. We will also keep introducing math concepts to get a baseline of where each child is. And most importantly we will continue to work on expectations, schedule and working with our tools.

Snack Schedule:
M- No School T- Hensley W- Kamryn Th- Ridge F- Isaac