What’s new in the BIG K!

Categories: Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

Thank you for getting in the habit of checking your child’s homework folder and using to send papers to and from school. I have received most picture packets if you want to purchase school pictures please return the completed picture packet as soon as possible. These are only individual school pictures at this time. We will take our class picture at the end of January. Pictures will be on Wednesday after Mass so we will already be dressed nice.

On Friday we will get in the habit of sending home towels from our quiet work / rest time. If you could wash and send back on Monday for the next week that would be wonderful!

Also on Friday the snack schedule for September and a special grip paper on how we are working to grip all tools (pencil, crayon, markers, paint brush, ect.) Please reinforce this at home as your child is working on creations or using any tools that we use at school. The fine motor papers that we are working on also have some extra things to do at home that can give you some good ideas for strengthening finger muscles and getting all of those fingers to be able to grip the way they need to.

Please be sure you are receiving emails from myself as well as Mrs. Stiens. Mrs. Stiens will send out a weekly school newsletter that has big school happenings for Protecting God’s children classes, sport activities, PTO information. Please make sure you are getting these and that they are not going to spam. If you might have missed something you can always get information on either our Facebook or Twitter accounts, as well as the school website. I try to include anything that is especially important for our class but I make mistakes too and can miss things so please get in the habit of checking Mrs. Stiens emails.

This coming week we will continue our work of getting routine and schedules down. We will also continue to work and introduce new tools. I feel much of our work is best shown in pictures so each week I will include lots of pictures that you and your child can talk about to discuss class happenings through the week. Many of the pictures below show our team tables groups of friends that we are currently getting to know and work on group projects with, cicada that were hatching at recess, and book pages as we get to know our friends we are making each new friend a book page. We also worked on our first art project by reading Mark 4 Jesus’s parable of the Soils and the Parable of the Growing Seed. Since we are in kinderGARTEN we are making sure we are planting our seeds in good soil!

Snack Schedule:
M- Dinah T-Thatcher W-Hayden Th- Racen F-Josie’s Birthday!