All The Places We Went in Kindergarten!

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Oh The Places we WENT in Kindergarten!! With our vivid imaginations and our thirst for knowledge we have had an AMAZING kindergarten year! Just look at our eager first day of school photo (at left) to our end of the year ready for first grade photo (at bottom). Our class has worked so hard and accomplished so much in our reading and math skills! We loved reading outside with our reading buddies.  Especially when we cleaned up the courtyard to have a fun place to read! Completing science experiments was AWESOME and gross! ( We did a food digestion experiment) We also experimented with our five senses and found some of us like lemon. But we do not like to smell onions! Our families planned really great parties for fall and Valentine’s day. We had many special guests! Registering to vote and being Native Americans.  We loved all of the Christmas caroling and celebrating the birth of Jesus! A big new adventure was riding the school bus to events like caroling, and the movie theater. So much fun with such an AMAZING class!!