Happy Summer! -Powell Preschool

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What amazing things are you planning to do this summer?

Vincent- “Help my mommy clean up her closet.”

Finn- “Move to a new school and swim in the swimming pool at home.”

Kash- “swim in the swimming pool, play with my toys in the bathtub and the pool and go to Oklahoma.”

Maddox- “Play with my baby brother.”

Evan- “Go swimming.  Its going to be my birthday on the next month!”

Sampson- “Get our new pool out! Have more time to play outside.”

Nova- “Play toys!”

Kacy- “Go to the swimming pool with Ms. Kelly and go fishing!”

Chloe- “Play with my dreamhouse.  Get some ice cream and play with mommy and daddy.”

Antonia- “Go to the park and go to the beach.  Go to Anyu and Apu’s house!”

Emmaline- “I’m going to go to the beach with my new baby and Elsie!”

Mrs. Powell-  I plan to get settled in our new home and in our new hometown.  We have had so many changes in our family over the last few months and have been busier than ever!  I hope to relax on our back porch, watch sunsets, go camping, plant flowers, garden, and spend some much needed time with my family.  

I can’t say how much our whole family has cherished our time at St. Gregory’s and the memories that we have made here.  I can’t believe that our time here has ended and we will soon be leaving. It feels like we are saying goodbye to part of our own family. This community of parents, teachers, students, and parishioners is unlike any other we have ever experienced and I want to thank all of you who have touched our lives over the years.  We have felt at home for a long time and we will dearly miss our life here. As we part ways, I assure you that we will always remember the amazing friendships we have made here and the amazing people, we will be praying for all of you.
-Until we meet again,
Ashlie Powell and family.