Congratulations 8th Grade

Categories: Eighth Grade

Congratulations 8th graders and thank you for making my first year at St. Gregory’s an exciting and memorable one.  I truly enjoyed every moment. As I look back, I remember how we set new records with our food drive, celebrated and honored our Veterans, rang bells for the Salvation Army, became Broadway actors, and carried my chair around the school building.  While those moments were fun, I also reflect on how much you matured and grew academically. You learned how to develop a thesis and write a research paper (properly cited), you completed a historical survey in American History, wrote prayers, and read a cumulative total of over 17,000 pages in fiction books.  Most importantly, I saw you rejoice in and share the love of Christ. I believe Rylee summarized the St. Gregory’s experience well at Graduation – “When I was sitting in my room trying to figure out how to explain the impressions that St. Gregory’s has left on us, I came to a realization. It’s not any more complicated than do the right thing, treat people right, and live like Jesus. This is a foundation that we will not only carry into high school, but the rest of our lives.”

Each of you will do amazing things – good luck and come back to visit.  Once a Falcon, always a Falcon. Mr. Cobb