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Second Grade Weekly Update – April 12, 2019

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The second graders had a great week! They were excited to get to work on multiplication facts, specifically the sevens. They got to go to Reconciliation with Father Albert and they finished their First Communion banners today in class. We attended Stations of the Cross on Thursday and we are currently working on a Stations of the Cross book.

Next week will have a change in our normal routine. We will not be doing our regular reading, spelling, etc. Instead we will be focusing on Holy Week and the students will be working on their Animal Reports! Please make sure that your child has read their entire animal book by Monday so we can start on the reports!

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Mrs. Casteel

Last Supper Re-enactment – Second Graders Involvement

This coming Thursday at 9 am the 8th graders will be doing a re-enactment of the Last Supper. I would like to invite you to come and join us for the re-enactment. Towards the end of the re-enactment the second graders are asked to join the 8th graders on the altar, around the table with the “disciples” to eat the bread and drink the “wine”. This is done to honor the fact that the second graders are preparing for their upcoming First Communion. It’s a pretty quick moment but so meaningful to the students. I thought you might all want to know about it!

Second Grade Retreat – April 30, 2019

Remember if you would like to join us on our Second Grade Retreat please email me and let me know by Wednesday, April 24th. Please include if you will be receiving Communion. If you’re willing to drive please let me know how many students you can transport in your car.

First Communion Important Dates

We’re down to only three important First Communion dates!

Wednesday, April 24th – First Communion Practice at 6 pm with pizza to follow. Each student needs to be at this practice with at least one parent.
Saturday, April 27th – First Communion at 4 pm
Tuesday, April 30th – Second Grade Retreat at Conception Abbey and Clyde. Remember you MUST have the VIRTUS training in order to join us.

Important April Dates

17th – 6th Grade Reenactment of the Stations of the Cross at 8:45 in the church
18th – 8th Grade Reenactment of the Last Supper; Holy Thursday activities (Please have your child wear their FFF shirt); Dismissal at 12:30
22nd – We DO have school as a make up day
24th – K-4 Mass; First Communion Practice at 6 pm
27th – First Communion at 4 pm
30th – Second Grade Retreat to Conception Abbey and Clyde

Important May Dates

1st – K-4 Mass
3rd – May Crowning Mass/FFF Mass (Please have your child wear the FFF shirt, bring a flower, and be at school by 7:35 am)
8th – Spring Concert at 7 pm at the Maryville High School Performing Arts Center (Students need to be there by 6:45 pm)
10th – Last FFF Meeting of the Year ( Please have your child wear the FFF shirt and at school by 7:35 am); 8th Grade Graduation at 7 pm (Church)
13th – 2nd and 3rd Grade Field Trip to Kansas City (Have students wear the blue St. Gregory’s PTO shirt and bring sacked lunch)
17th – End of the Year Mass and Assembly starting at 8 am with Field Day in the afternoon
20th – Last day of school (dismissal at 11:30 – Lunch will NOT be served)

If Mass is cancelled for some reason (weather, funeral, etc.) the students will be moved to the next week.