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What’s new in the BIG K!

Categories: Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

As some of you may know we allow younger students to leave with their grandparent or special friend after lunch on March 14th.  If you would like for your child to spend some extra special time with their grandparent or special friend arrangements need to be made before March 14th.  Please let me know via email. Grandparents or special friends will need to sign your child out of the office once they are ready to leave for the day. If your child is staying with us for the day we will be watching a movie so no instruction time will be missed.

Next week for show and tell please have your child bring in their favorite book.  We participate in the Public Library Art contest. Please send your child’s favorite book on Monday we will use them for show and tell during the week and also draw a picture about our favorite book for the contest.

Our new sight words are: now, how.  We will also study the word family -ip (lip, dip, hip, tip, sip, zip)

Snack Schedule: –

M – Callao      T- Katherine’s Birthday!!         W – Brinley Th-Landon  F- Torri

Offertory Role:      3-6: Ash Wednesday Mass with Falcon Faith Families

Below are some fun pictures from the week. The Decorah Eagle has laid 2 eggs so far.  We are very excited to check in on them. We did a science experiment with the walking rainbow. And we learned of God’s promise to never again flood the earth.