First Grade Flash January 31, 2019

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

The first graders are doing a great job persevering in the classroom, when we have school.

The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were the long o/oe/oa/ow, retelling the story, 2 part words, telephone directory, high-frequency words and comprehension questions.

The students’ birdfeeders STEM project is due tomorrow.   The students will be presenting their projects to the class.

I will be sending home an experiment performance task information sheet this week.  I will be assigning 3 or 4 students to perform his or her experiment to the class each week.  I will send the information a week before your child will be playing the role of the scientist.

I would like for the first graders to read, “See the Ball Fly”, “The Kite” and “The Wright Brothers” this weekend.

The students’ Valentine boxes are due Tuesday, February 12th.

I would like for the students to continue to bring 6 or 7 books each week to read during their free time in class.

Please review the spelling words with your children.  They will have an assessment in Spelling class tomorrow.

The first graders need to wear their Falcon Family Shirt tomorrow.  We will be attending Mass in the morning.

Please review the Hail Mary and the Glory Be with your children.  I will be assessing the students next week.  Also, I will be assessing the first graders to identify the coins, dollar bill and to name the amount of each item.

Have an awesome weekend!


Sue Seipel