2nd Grade Weekly Update – January 31, 2019

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I wanted to send a couple of reminders and updates since we have had a crazy schedule the past couple of weeks.  You will find the reminders below.  As for the updates the students continue to work hard and learn about a variety of things.  This week they are focused on helping verbs, the oi/oy spelling patterns, the importance of illustrations, and find fractions as part of a set.  Not to mention enjoying Catholic Schools Week and all the activities and fun that it entails.  Hopefully next week we will be back to our normal schedule and routine!

Have a great night,

Mrs. Casteel

FFF Mass tomorrow

Please make sure your child has their FFF shirt on tomorrow and that they are at school by 7:35 since we have our FFF Mass first thing in the morning!

Mass Role Changes

Due to the crazy weather we have had and could possibly continue to have we will only be planning Masses one week at a time for the next month to month and a half.  This will help to ensure that the students who were assigned Mass roles get a chance to actual do their Mass roles.  This coming week Ryder will read a petition and Jonah will help with offertory.

Second Grade Day – February 7, 2019

Next Thursday is second grade day in the lunchroom at 11:40.  Please plan on meeting us in the Parish Hall.  We can’t wait to see all of you there!

Important February Dates

1st – FFF Mass (see information above); Mommy/Son Date Night
6th – K-4 Mass (Petition – Ryder; Offertory – Jonah)
7th – 2nd Grade Day in the lunchroom (11:40)
13th – K-4 Mass
14th – 1:30 to 2:30 Valentine’s Day Party; Parents Date Night (6 to 10 pm)
15th – No School (PD day for teachers)
18th – No School/No SACC
20th – K-4 Mass
22nd – FFF Trash Bag Fashion Show at 7:45 (please make sure your child is here by 7:35)
27th – K-4 Mass

If Mass is cancelled for some reason (weather, funeral, etc.) the students will be moved to the next week.