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What’s new in the BIG K!

Categories: Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

We have had fun re-decorating our room for a snowy January!! If you have a chance to stop in please do so! We also got to welcome Freddie and Poppsie from Preschool.  Since it was a little too chilly for them to stay in the preschool room they came up for a visit!

Next week we will be back to building our sight word vocabulary and studying our CVC word families. Our new sight words will be: look, on. Our word family is the -en family (den, hen, pen, men, ten).

For show and tell this first what is your child’s favorite thing to do in the SNOW?

Snack Schedule: –

M –  Patrick’s School Birthday!        T- Callao    W -Brinley       Th- Landon      F- Torri

Offertory Role: 1-16 Callao        1-23 Brinley       1-30 Landon