7th Grade News

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Wow! It is so hard to believe how fast the year is going by. The seventh graders have been extremely busy in the classroom lately. They had a blast decorating our door for Red Ribbon Week and chose a Ghostbusters theme. They were thrilled to tie for first place and enjoyed some delicious donuts as a reward.  The fun didn’t stop there as they had several projects going on. They carved pumpkins and designed apple dolls to go along with our book The Witch of Blackbird Pond.  We have begun reading our next novel, The Westing Game and they are thoroughly enjoying trying to be detectives as they try to determine who killed Mr. Westing. The students just finished designing their own Clue game to go along with the book and are anticipating playing each other’s games.

In English, we participated in several writing contests and are anxiously awaiting the results of those. Congratulations to Brinley for placing second in the Patriot’s Pen contest.  We completed our study over verbs, and enjoyed reading about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The story brought about some good discussion about fair wages and where most of our clothing comes from. The students checked each other’s shirt tags to see where they were made. Many were astonished to learn that no one was wearing an article of clothing made in the USA, while others were not surprised.  We will finish out the semester by doing some more personal writing about Christmas memories, or another topic of their choice. Our current unit will take us through the stages of the writing process, while our main focus will be on prewriting.

Theology of the Body has been our focus during Religion these last few weeks. We appreciated Sam sharing his wealth of knowledge on the lessons and were thankful to have him with us for two weeks. We finished up our second unit and in conclusion have been discussing living out Jesus’ will.