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2nd Grade Weekly Update – November 30, 2018

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We have accomplished a lot in our short week.  The students have worked on their handwriting, finished their November gratitude journal, made nativity scenes for our door decoration, learned more about Native Americans, and shared about their extended Thanksgiving break.

Today was an especially exciting day because the students got to have their reward for earning all their transition tokens!  The reward the students earned was watching the movie, “Spirit”.  They also had snacks provided by Roxann Powell-Brown.  She wanted to show her appreciation to the students for their generous donation of Halloween candy to the Noyse Home!

Also, today the students got to tour the church and the Sacristy with Father Albert.  The students have been learning about the seasons of the Liturgical calendar in class.  They were lucky enough to see the Arts and Entertainment committee changing out the Thanksgiving decorations and putting up the Advent decorations!  Father showed the students his vestments and reviewed the colors and their meanings!

Also I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated to Toys for Tots!  We collected a full barrel, trash can, and still had toys overflowing onto the floor!  Thank you all so much for making our service project such a success!

The next three weeks are incredibly busy.  Please make sure you keep an eye out on the calendar below and for emails from Mrs. Stiens and myself.  We will do our best to keep you up to date on what’s happening!  This includes students being able to wear PJs on Monday for $1 to support the 7th and 8th graders and their service project!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. C

Special Holiday Fun Fest Silent Auction!

For the past several years I have shown a movie in my classroom and had snacks for students as a silent auction item for the fun fest.  The movie will be next Friday directly after school.  If you are child is interested you can sign them up at the Holiday Fun Fest this weekend or you can go the following website and find item #65.  It is open to any St. Gregory’s students so if you have another child who would like to join us please feel free to sign them up as well!  I hope your children will be able to make it.

Important December Dates

2nd – Holiday Fun Fest from noon to 4 pm
3rd – Students can wear PJs for a $ as part of 7th and 8th grades service project
4th – FFF Advent Meeting (please have students at school by 7:30)
5th – K-4 Mass (Petition – JR; Offertory – Reagan)
7th – FFF Mass (Offertory – Braleigh and Kyle; Please have students at school by 7:30 am and wearing their FFF shirt)
10th – FFF Advent Meeting (please have students at school by 7:30)
12th – K-4 Mass (Petition – Kelby; Offertory – Emily)
18th – FFF Advent Meeting (please have students at school by 7:30)
19th – NO MASS because of Christmas program practice at the high school (9 am to 11 am); Christmas Program at 7 pm at the high school (Please have students dressed appropriately and at the auditorium by 6:45 pm)
21st – FFF Mass (Please have students at school by 7:30 am and wearing their FFF shirt); Early dismissal at 12:30; End of the quarter

Christmas Break is December 22nd through January 6th.
School will resume on Monday, January 7th, 2019.

If Mass is cancelled for some reason (weather, funeral, etc.) the students will do their job the following week.