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3rd Grade Weekly Update – January 5, 2018

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We’ve come back to school in full force!  The students have done two stability ball lessons, learned more capital cursive letters, written about a “food” fever, had their Pizza Party, watched Chocolate Fever, done an art project, shared Flat Stanley letters, and played multiplication bingo!  To say that we have been busy in the past two days might be a slight understatement!  We’ve had a lot of fun in such a short time!  Next week we will be back to our regular routines!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. C

Important January Dates

10th – K-4 Mass (Res. – Casey; Pet. – Channing; Song Leader – Decker; Servers – Vivian and Halle)
15th – No School/No SACC
16th – Celebrate Vivian’s half-birthday
17th – K-4 Mass (Pet. – Kori)
24th – K-4 Mass (Reader – Corbin; Res. – Jarrick; Pet. – Luke; Song Leaders – Vivian and Lila; Servers –  Vincent, Gracyn, and Joe)
28th through February 2nd – Catholic Schools Week
28th – Catholic Schools Week FFF Mass at 10:30 (students will sit with their FFF at the Mass); Chris Cakes Professional Development Fundraiser from 8 am to 12 pm
29th – FFF Meeting to kick off CSW (have students at school by 7:30 and wearing their PTO shirt); Celebrate Luke’s half-birthday
31st – K-4 Mass (Pet. – Halle)

Important February Dates

2nd – FFF Mass to end CSW (have students at school by 7:3o and wearing their PTO shirt)
7th – K-4 Mass
13th – Valentine’s Day Parties from 1:30 to 2:30
14th – FFF Mass for Ash Wednesday (have students at school by 7:3o and wearing their PTO shirt)
16th – No School/No SACC (PD day for Teachers)
19th – No School/No SACC
20th – FFF Meeting at 7:50 (have students at school by 7:30)
21st – K-4 Mass
28th – K-4 Mass