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First Grade Flash January 4, 2018

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!

The first graders and I are having a fabulous day!

The skills that we are reviewing in Reading class are characters, setting, problem, solutions, making text to self connections and doing a variety of activities around the season of winter.

The students will be doing the performance task “My Day In History”.  I will send home a copy of the task next week.  It will be due on Friday, January 26thth.

The first graders will be performing experiments in February.  I will assign 4 students per week.  I will send home the guidelines a week before each student will present his or her experiment.

Please have your children read “Frog and Snail’s Trip”, “Drakes Tail” and “Busy As a Bee” this weekend so they are prepared for Reading class.  I also would like the students to read their stories on Monday evenings, also.

I would like for each student to bring 3 or 4 books each week to read during “Drop Everything and Read” in class.

Please have your children practice the Hail Mary and Glory Be.  I will assess the first graders in 4 weeks.

The first graders will be having 10 spelling words starting in a couple of weeks.  I would like for the students to write 3 sentences and use 3 of their spelling words on their homework on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

The first graders need to bring a gift that they received for Christmas for “Share and Tell” on Friday.

May you have a wonderful weekend!


Sue Seipel