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6th Grade Happenings-12/09/2017

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I hope you all were able to enjoy some time with your students yesterday as our diocese celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

We have 9 jammed-packed days left of school before Christmas Break!  It is going to just all fly by.
The students are excited to be participating in a Secret Santa exchange among one another.  Mrs. Hall has graciously offered to facilitate this–so they will be doing their exchanges in science class.  They have already drawn names–here is the layout for their exchange:

Thursday (December 14) —Homemade Gift (if doing cookies, need to provide at least 6)

Friday (December 15) —drink

Monday (December 18) —candy

Tuesday (December 19) —$5 gift

The 6th grade class will be responsible for Thursday’s Mass Roles (December 14).  Quenton, Brinley, and Bea will be the servers; Wyatt and Trevan will be the song leaders; Landon will do the Reading; Cooper will lead the Response; Kayla, Keagan, Wesley, and Derek will say the Petitions; and Don and Thomas will bring up the gifts.  Please join us if you are able–Mass begins at 8am.
For next Thursday (December 21), we will be going to Mass with our Falcon Faith Families for an all-school Christmas celebration, followed by the annual Christmas Dance in the gym.  School will be dismissed at 12:30.
Please join me in welcoming Ms. Jordan to our class starting on Monday.  She will be the long-term sub while I am out on maternity leave.  She will be graduating in May with her teaching degree in middle-school math.  She and I have been meeting and she is ready to observe over the next week or two, and then take over as soon as I have the baby.  She’ll do great–she has been at St. Gregory’s for the last 3 1/2 years within our SACC program.  She has also been working with Mrs. Hoopaw throughout the semester teaching a couple of math classes here at St. Gregory’s.  She grew up going to a small Catholic school very similar to St. Gregory’s in a small town near Des Moines.  The students have seen her around and actually had her as a sub a few times last year in 5th grade.  She’ll do great while I am out with our new baby boy.  You can reach Ms. Jordan by emailing her at [email protected].
The students have been sent several links to help them study and prepare for their tests as we work to finish up several units over these last 9 days.  They will have their Spelling test on Wednesday over many European countries and capitals that we talk about while reading Number the Stars.  They will have a Number the Stars vocabulary test on Friday.  Both of these lists can be studies in Spelling City.
They will also have a test over the events in Number the Stars next Tuesday.  Finally, next Wednesday, they’ll have a test over WWI and WWII as their final Social Studies unit of the quarter.  They have been sent a Quizlet and a Quizizz link for these tests that they can use to help them prepare.
I wish you all the warmest of holiday greetings as we all prepare for Christmas.  May God continue to bless you all!
Mrs. Nielson