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3rd Grade Update – December 4, 2017

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I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and you were able to make it to the Holiday Fun Fest yesterday!  Last week was a busy week and the kids accomplished a lot.  The students went back to their math textbook, read a story about instant messaging, got to send me an email that included instant messaging language (example:  brb = be right back, etc.), celebrated Mass with their Falcon Faith Families, and got to see The Star on Friday afternoon thanks to the Scrip Committee!

This week we have a short week with No School on Friday due to Immaculate Conception.  The students will be finishing up learning about verb tenses this week.  They will learn about future tense.  Also, we will be taking time to learn about Advent, the start of the new church year, and have a Falcon Faith Family meeting on Tuesday morning.  The students will have a math test this week and we will continue to learn about ecosystems in science.

Have a great week!

Mrs. C

Busy Time of the Year

I know that this is an incredibly busy time of the year.  Please make sure that you double check the important dates below and make note of the days that we have important activities.  It is incredibly helpful if the students can be here early on the mornings of FFF meetings and Mass.  It allows them a chance to sign up for lunch and use the restroom before heading to these events.  Thanks for your help!



Important December Dates

5th – FFF Meeting at 7:50 am (have students at school by 7:30)
6th – K-4 Mass (Res. – Vincent; Pet. – Tate; Song Leader – Annika; Servers – Jarrick and Kori); Celebrate Annika’s Birthday
7th- Holiday Fun Fest Movie after school (for students who sign up/pay at the Holiday Fun Fest)
8th – No School – Immaculate Conception
11th – FFF Meeting at 7:50 am (have students at school by 7:30)
13th – K-4 Mass (Res. – Vivian; Pet. – Luke; Song Leader – Channing; Servers –  Grace and Annika)
18th – Celebrate Lila’s Half-Birthday; FFF Meeting at 7:50 (please have students at school by 7:30)
19th – Celebrate Kori’s Half-Birthday; Christmas Program at 7 pm (have students at the church by 6:45 and dressed appropriately)
20th – Celebrate Vincent’s Birthday; K-4 Mass (Res. – Casey; Pet. – Channing; Song Leader – Decker; Servers – Vivian and Halle)
21st – FFF Mass at 8 am (have students at school by 7:30 in their St. Gregory’s PTO shirts); Dismiss at 12:30 pm

Christmas Break is December 22nd through January 3rd