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What’s New in the BIG K!

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Dear Parents,

Thank you for the wonderful turnout at the Holiday Fun Fest! It is such a wonderful event for our school and community! Thank also for all of your wonder pop and baked goods donations!

Before I get into all of our classroom activities I need to share lots of field trip information with you. Anytime we travel we must have permission forms first.  Also on the day of the event any parent who is not able to drive will need to send their child to school with their booster seat.  The parents driving must have taken Protecting God’s Children and provided the school with a current copy of their driver’s license and insurance card. This must be completed prior to the day’s events.  If you are available please double check with Mrs. Stiens in the office that we have a current copy of your information.   As I shared earlier we will be going on the 18th for bell ringing.  If you are available to drive please let me know how many kiddos could possible ride with you.  You will need to stay for the event.  Another event we were asked to do is on the 15th we are going to Oak Point to Christmas carol with the residents. We are partnering with our 4th grade reading buddies for this event.  If you are available for this event please again let me know if you can drive and how many kids you can take.  For this event you are welcome to stay and sing with us or you may just wait until we are finished.  We will need you to be at school at 9:20 and leaving for Oak Point. We will be gone about 30 minutes and plan to return to school by 10. For our trip on the 18th we will need drivers to be at school by 1:45 we will return by 3.  Again please let me know if you are available to drive for the event and how many children you can take.  So if you have lost track we are taking 2 class trips one on the 15th for Christmas Caroling at Oak Point and one trip on the 18th for bell ringing at Walmart for the Salvation Army. We will also go as a whole school on December 20th to Nodaway Nursing home but we will ride a bus for that trip.  I will send home a packet of permission forms later this week for you to sign. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know and we can discuss them.  

Another big bit of information is that after Christmas we will have a new school family moving here from Lee’s Summit Becky and Nate Jaster and their 3 children.  Cole in kindergarten, Ben in 4th grade and Lauren in 6th grade. Please join me in welcoming the Jaster’s to Maryville!

With so much going on these last few weeks I will try to keep you informed of everything but please read each email from myself and the office closely with all the details of school events. I also tried to put as much on the calendar below as possible.

For show and tell this week the kids are free to bring in anything.  

During this week as you can see we are going to be moving into a very busy schedule.  We will work on updating our portfolios and completing second quarter assessments during this week.  I am starting these early as you can see all of the events leading up to Christmas are going to make for a crazy schedule.  We will not add any new sight words this week.  We will spend our language time assessing sounds, sight words, writing, and personal information (phone number, address, age, and birthday).  During our Math we will also assess number writing, counting, patterning, color words, number words, and money.

 In case you did not hear my daughter got sick on Friday and I was unable to attend the movie with them.  Mrs. Starke stepped in to be with the kids. A big thank you to her for jumping in and being so flexible.

Upcoming Important Dates:


Dec. 5: Red Wheel Delivery

          Share the Code


Dec. 8: No School/No SACC

Dec 11: Pay $1 wear your PJ’s —funds will help 7th grade adopt a child from the Angel Tree



December 6 – Kody                           December 13 – Rowen


Snack Schedule: –

M- Emma T-Branson W – Rylee    Th-Ryver      F- No School

When your child’s name appears please provide a light snack for all 12 students.  When it is your child’s birthday I will place their name as snack that day as most students choose to bring in birthday treats. Remember you will just need to provide something to eat as we will provide the afternoon milk that you paid for in your registration.  Please remember to try and make it a healthy snack fruit, veggies, crackers, ect.  Each day the students will get a napkin but if your snack requires spoons or forks you will need to provide those along with your snack.  Our snack is scheduled for the afternoons so if it is your day you can either send it to school with your child that morning or drop it off sometime that day as long as it is at school by 1. Thanks, Mrs. Parman

December  Snack:



Holiday Fun Fest 12-4











No School

10 11









Bake Sale


Ryker’s Birthday

Bake Sale

9:30 Caroling at Oak Point


Ryker’s Real Birthday!



Bell Ringing at Walmart



Christmas Program 7pm



Alpha Psi Omega Play performance at school

1:30 Holiday Caroling


All School Mass 8am

10am School Dance

Early Dismissal 12:30

End of 2nd Qtr


No School