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3rd Grade Weekly Update – September 8, 2017

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THANK YOU!  Thank you all for the amazing support yesterday for our Hope for Harvey activities.  Our hat day alone raised over $500!  That’s is AMAZING!  Our Taco John’s fundraiser was incredibly busy as well.  We wouldn’t be able to do all of these things without your support.  The third graders had a great conversation about hurricanes, how they happen, why the damage is so bad, etc.  Then they all made a card of hope for the victims to let them know that there are people far away who care and are praying for them!
The students worked on long a spellings this week.  They also learned about finding the subject in a sentences and that sentences have to have subjects in grammar.  Make sure to ask your child about making silly sentences!  In reading they worked on finding the main idea and detail in our first non-fiction story of the year.  They also got to take their spelling pre-test on the Chromebooks, which they were pretty excited about.  The students also got to send a school mail (closed e-mail) message to me.  We will continue to use the Chromebooks in varying ways as the school year continues.  The students have been learning/reviewing various math skills.  Also, the students finished their Circle of Grace lessons and started their first until in social studies.
Please continue to check the special messages below and to look at the important upcoming dates.
Have a great weekend and see you Sunday!
Mrs. C

Falcon Faith Families sitting together at the All School Mass – this Sunday

This Sunday is our back to school Mass.  The students will be sitting with their Falcon Faith Families.  You should have received an invitation to this Mass on Thursday on blue paper.  On the back of that paper all students were instructed to circle where their faith family sits.  Please verify this location with your child before Mass.  Also, please have your students at Mass by 10:15.  Due to the fact that we do not have our PTO shirts please have your child adhere to our dress code for our school Masses.

Important September Dates

9th:  St. Gregory’s Golf Tournament; Brylee’s Birthday
10th:  All School Mass at the 10:30 Mass (students will sit with Falcon Faith Families and they need to wear their PTO shirt) AND Halle’s birthday
11th:  Celebrate Halle’s birthday
12th:  Dental Assembly at 8 am
13th:  K-4 Mass (Pet. – Grace; Off. – Annika)
20th:  K-4 Mass (Pet. – Vincent; Off. – Jarrick)
21st:  FFF Mtg at 2:20 pm; General PTO Meeting at 6 pm (attend and you could win a month’s free tuition!)
27th:  K-4 Mass (Pet. – Lila; Off. – Casey)

*If Mass is cancelled then the students will move to the following week and keep the same Mass roles.