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First Grade Flash April 12, 2017

Categories: First Grade

Dear Parents,


We are looking forward to our Grandparents and Special Friends next week.


The skills that were reviewed in Reading class were au, aw, augh, all, inferences, context clues, pronouns, high-frequency words, folk tales, lists and comprehension questions.


The first graders are learning how to add by regrouping (carrying) in Math class.  I would like for the students to do some math problems at home.  They will begin subtracting and writing the difference, too.


Please have your children read “A Job for You”, “Cool Jobs” and “Jobs at School” this weekend.


Our Mother’s Day Tea will be on Thursday, May 11th from 1:30-2:00.


Our study trip will be on Friday, May 12th.


Have a joyous and blessed Easter.


Sue Seipel