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2nd Grade OWLS – March 28, 2015

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Again, I’d like to thank everyone for their participation in conferences.  It was wonderful to share your child’s successes with you!

Holy Week Activities

Don’t forget about the Stations of the Cross on Wednesday at 9 am and the Holy Thursday Re-enactment at 9 am on Thursday.  The sixth graders will be leading the Stations of the Cross and the eighth graders will be doing the re-enactment of the Last Supper.  If can make it to one of these activities you might want to consider making it to the Holy Thursday re-enactment.  The eighth graders invite the second graders up on the altar with them because they are preparing for their First Communion.  It is a really neat experience for the second graders!  It’s also a wonderful site to see them sitting with the older students as they are re-enacting some of Jesus’s last moments before his Passion!


Mrs. Starke is out of town visiting her ill sister.  Since she is gone, Mrs. Brownsberger is has been conducting the First Communion interviews.  She will finish them up next week.

This past week we finished our last chapter that covered information regarding Communion.  Obviously since this coming week is Holy Week we will be taking a break from the Communion information to focus on this important week.  We will also be heading over to the church on Wednesday to participate in Reconciliation with Father Martin.  What a fitting way to finish Lent and get ready to receive First Communion!

Communication Arts

This past week we read a story called, Farafallina and Marcel.  We used this story to work on making inferences.  We also watched some animated shorts to help practice this skill.  Ask your child(ren) about Pigeon Impossible, Geri’s Game, and Lifted!  I’m sure they’ll be excited to tell you and possibly even show you theses videos, which you can find on Youtube.

Next week we will not be doing a communication arts unit because of the shot weeks and all the special events we have going on.

Social Studies

This coming week will be taking a lot of time to work on our social studies unit.  We will be exploring our North American neighbors, reading maps, creating maps, and more!

Important Dates


30 – Flying Falcons Running Club 3:00 to 3:45


1 – Stations of the Cross at 9:00 (Church); Reconciliation at 10:10 (Church)

2 – Holy Thursday Re-enactment at 9:00 (Church); Dismiss at 12:30

3 – No School/No SACC – Good Friday

6 – No School/NO SACC

7 – Brooklyn’s Birthday

8 – K-4 Mass

10 – Grandparents/Special Friends Mass at 10 with Lunch following; First Communion Practice that night


13 – Flying Falcons Running Club 3:00 to 3:45

15 – K-4 Mass

20 – LAST Flying Falcons Running Club 3:00 to 3:45

22 – K-4 Mass


29 – K-4 Mass

30 – PTO Meeting at 6 with 8th Grade Play at 7


1 – All School Mass/May Crowning – Bring a flower

6 – K-4 Mass

8- Mrs. Casteel’s birthday

12 – Spring Program at 7

13 K-4 Mass

**If for some reason we don’t have Mass, which occasionally happens if there is a funeral planned on Wednesday, then the children signed up for Mass roles will move to the following week.*

Important Websites

Mathletics –

Treasures Reading Series –

SpellingCity –

Classdojo –

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