4th Grade News for 9/5/14

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4th Grade Newsletter for 9-5-14


Mass Roles for Wednesday, September the 10th

Servers: Mason, Jenna, Kennedy

Song Leaders: Halle & Alissa

Reader: 3rd Grade

Response: 3rd Grade

Petition: Adam


Mass Roles for Wednesday, September the 17th

Servers: Alissa, Mason, Ella

Song Leaders: Adam & Jenna

Reader: Gabe

Response: Colby

Petition: Drew


Mass Roles for Wednesday, September the 24th

Servers: Jenna, Colby, Gabe

Song Leaders: Madi & Rylee

Reader: 3rd Grade

Response: 3rd Grade

Petition: Ella


Thank you for your help with the new dress code for Mass! The kids look great!


Conservation Kids Day is Wednesday, September 10th!

Please have your student wear their NEW St. Gregory polo shirt! We will be attending Mass before leaving for our trip. I talked with Mrs. Martin about the dress code (due to the fact that we won’t have much time to change clothes after Mass). She said we were fine to wear shorts with our polos.

Please make sure your student comes prepared with tennis shoes (we will be outside all day), a sack lunch, and a water bottle. Students are also welcome to wear sunglasses or hats if they choose.

You are still welcome to go with us if you have the day off


Protecting God’s Children Class Offering

The next class is scheduled for Sunday, September 7th at 1pm, also in the Leitner Room. All participants will need to sign up for the training by doing the following:


1)  go to

2)  select training tab

3)  select Diocese of Kansas City / St. Joseph

4)  select one of the training dates above

5)  follow the prompts to register for their choice of dates



Horse Races

Who: The Maryville Knights of Columbus Council #1339 is hosting this event!

What: Horse Races

When: Saturday, September 13th – Social Hour is 6-7 (Food and drink will be available for purchase). The first race starts at 7:15.

Where: St. Gregorys

Why: All the proceeds will go towards helping fund the Special Education Program here at school!

**At least 6 horse races will be held. All bets are $2.00 and winners will split ½ of the pot. The other ½ goes towards the school.


Monthly Book Repots

It’s that time of the year…… to get started on our reading minutes! Instead of requiring a daily reading minute log, I assign monthly book reports. I love watching the kids get excited and creative about what they are reading. This also teaches them time management skills.

They will have a book report for each of the following months: September, October, November, January, February, March, and April.

We discussed what is expected several times as a class this week, and also looked at pictures from previous years for examples. The students will be given a choice board to choose their type of report. These range from: Dictionary, Shoebox Diorama, Alternate Ending, Mobile, Puppet Show, Design a “T” or Dress Like Your Favorite Character, Pop-Up Book, Cartoon, Mystery Bag, Poster, Song, or Cake Decorating. I gave each student a choice board to keep here at school and a copy to take home. Specific information and requirements for each type of report are listed on the page. The students can’t do the same type of report more than once. I also sent a copy of the grading rubric that I use to assign their grade.

For the month of September (as our first report) we will all use the same book(s) to do our report. Storm Runners is the book I have been reading aloud to the class, so we will all be doing a report over the first or second book in the series. I like to use a common book for the first report, so the students can get a feel for how to complete the report. For all the months to come, the students will be in charge of selecting their own book. I do have some specifications in choosing their books. If you could help me monitor this, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • The book has to be a new book to the student (something they have never read before).
  • At least 150 pages.
  • At the individual student’s reading level (not a second grade level if the student reads at a fifth grade level or vice versa).
  • The books can come from my library, the school’s library, home, the Maryville, library, book order, etc.

Again, this takes the place of reading minutes. It actually averages out to be about the same if the students read daily. They are expected to read their book report book on their own time outside of school and during independent reading time at school on Wednesdays. They can also choose to read when they have free time at school. I will encourage the students several times throughout the months to read so they aren’t trying to finish their book and make their report the night before it is due!

Here are the due dates:

September Book Report due Wednesday, October 1st
(this month the book choices are Storm Runners or Storm Runners the Surge, we are reading this aloud in class). All other months will be student’s choice.

October Book Report due Thursday, October 30th

November Book Report Due Tuesday, November 25th

January Book Report due Friday, January 30th

February Book Report due Friday, February 27th

March Book Reports due Wednesday, April 1st

April Book Reports due Friday, May 1st


Scholastic Book Orders and $5 Coupons!

I had several students tell me that they forgot their book order, so I will extend the deadline to Monday. There was a coupon attached to the book order that gives you a FREE BOOK worth up to $5 when you spend $10. You can send the order to school with your student and attach the filled out coupon or you can enter the coupon number online. I will complete the order mid-morning on Monday. If you have any questions, please let me know and I can help! What a great deal to take advantage of!


BRI Testing

We will begin our Basic Reading Inventory tests on Monday! Mrs. Connie Riggs will be administering the testing. The results will help me see the individual student’s reading level. We will also discuss the results at our parent-teacher-student conferences in October.


Little Saints

Little Saints will start up again on the Wednesday, the 10th! Please note the time difference of 6:00 – 7:30 pm.


Circle of Grace and The 10 Commandments

We have completed our Circle of Grace Religion curriculum this week! At the 4th grade level, we talk about gossip and internet safety. The students will have a packet of information with them in case you are interested about the topics covered.

Our next chapter in Religion is on the 10 Commandments. We will spend all week reviewing and making our own study cards for the 10 Commandments. We will study on a daily basis, however the students are encouraged to study them on a daily basis in preparation for the test on Friday the 12th.


PTO Provided Polo Shirts

These will be coming home today! Yeah! Thank you to our wonderful PTO. Please have your 4th grader try the shirt on to make sure it fits correctly. If it doesn’t, please send it back next week and we can find the appropriate size.



Important Dates Coming Up:


8th – Monday – Scholastic Book Order Due

10th – Wednesday – First Quarter Midterm and Conservation Kids Day

12th – Friday – 10 Commandments Test

17th – Wednesday – K-4 Mass

21st – Sunday – Family Fun Fest here at St. Gregs from noon to 4.

22nd – Monday – School Picture Make-up Day

24th – Wednesday – K-4 Mass



1st – Wednesday – September Book Report Due

3rd – Friday – First Friday Mass

The week of the 6th – 9th our 4th grade conferences (again thank you for your help!)

8th – Wednesday – K-4 Mass

9th – Thursday – 1st Quarter ends

10th – Friday – No School (Professional Development Day)

14th – Tuesday – Living Rosary in the church at 8:45.

15th – Wednesday – K-4 Mass

22nd – Wednesday – K-4 Mass

The week of the 27th – 31st K-8 Conferences

29th – Wednesday – K-4 Mass

30th – Thursday – Fall Parties (1:30 – 2:30)

31st – Friday – No School


*** Speaking of conferences…… My due date is Halloween! As you can see that is the same week as conferences! I would feel more comfortable meeting in early October for conferences. I know this is a pain for families that have other students at St. Gregorys. I would be willing to work around your schedule to have conferences the week of the 6th – 9th. Towards mid-September, I will send out a schedule so you can let me know what day/time work best for you. These conferences are student-led, so your student will need to be present for the conference as well. I very much appreciate your flexibility with this!



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