August Technology News

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Our 6th grade students will see their Travel Bugs launched (if all goes well) on Saturday, August 24, at the KC Area Geocaching Picnic. This will be the first time we launch bugs at an Event Cache. Learn more about Travel Bugs at

The 8th grade class announces the assignment of Yearbook Class Captains:
Preschool: PB
Kindergarten: PK
First Grade: TC
Second Grade: LK
Third Grade: AA
Fourth Grade: ZS
Fifth Grade: DC
Sixth Grade: MH
Seventh Grade: WA
Eighth Grade: ZP

5th graders are learning the particulars of the MLA format students use for most written assignments.

2nd-4th grades are working Type to Learn 4.

1st grade students will be reviewing home row & typing posture, and learning simple home-row words.

Kindergarten students are learning their way around the computer lab and the computers themselves.

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