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St. Gregory’s #1 School in Missouri
7th Grade #1 Class in Missouri
Sabrina Olsen #1 Student in Missouri (#45 in USA)

First-Third grades were recognized for their class achievements and have celebrated with a Free Day in Technology, as well as a Movie & Popcorn in their classroom. This was the first year of competition for these grades.

Fourth-Eighth grades recognized the top two students in each class with Hangar Bucks:

4th Grade: Gunnar Grispino (8,235 points) / Aiden Stone (4,197 points)
5th Grade: Kenzie Martin (10,433 points) / Emily Long (8,597 points)
6th Grade: Brenden Ware (6,010 points) / Kamryn Gastler (5,452 points)
7th Grade: Sabrina Olsen (17,979 points) / Peter Kempf (11,125 points)
8th Grade: Maggie Kempf (7,494 points) / John Zimmerman (4,254 points)

In addition to Sabrina Olsen’s position at the top of her class and as the #1 student in the State, she place 45th in the entire country for the American Math Challenge!

Our classes were also in competition with each other and other classes during this competition, with points tallied based on the total points divided by students in the class (arithmatic mean). The results are as follows — Average points per student:

1st: 583 3rd: 1,834
2nd: 2,510 4th: 2,607
6th: 3,911 8th: 4,135
5th: 5,603 7th: 8,166

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