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September Music & Band News

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Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!  The school year is off the a great start in music and band.  We have many exciting  and fun things happening this school year.

Kindergarten: Due to the large class size, the Kindergarten class is split into two sections for music class.   We have spent the first few weeks of school singing, dancing, playing instruments and getting to know one another.  Both sections are doing great and have already earned a game day for their wonderful behavior!

First & Second: In first and second grade we have spent the first couple weeks singing back to school songs and reviewing music concepts from last year.

Third: Students in third grade have begun reading the notes on the treble clef staff thanks to the adventures of Freddie the Frog (and his friend, Eli).  We look forward to become even better music readers as we look ahead to recorders and band in next few years!

Fourth: Fourth graders are off to a great start on their recorders.  We are doing recorder karate again this year and most students have already earned one or two belts to proudly display on their recorders!

Fifth-Eighth:  In the spirit of the summer games, the fifth through eighth grade classes have been competing in some “Music Olympics”.  We have been reviewing our music concepts and competing in individual and group competitions.

Band: Our fifth grade and sixth-eighth grade bands are off to a good start this year.  Fifth graders are super excited to receive their new instruments and learn their first few notes.  We can already play “Hot Cross Buns” and are working towards “Claire de Lune” and “Jingle Bells”.  The older students are learning two new pieces and focusing on improving our overall sound as a band.

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